Why New Year's Resolutions Suck (and How to Set Better Goals Instead)

Tell Your Resolutions to Stick It.

With Christmas behind us and the countdown to 2023 in our sights, it's easy to get swept up in feeling like we need to define the "shoulds" and "should nots" of the year ahead.

Now, don't get us wrong: While we're fierce supporters of healthy habits and we can all agree that being on an upward trajectory of self-improvement is a good thing...  There is a toxic element to the pressures, motivations and obligations of New Year's Resolutions that make them inherently unsustainable in the long run. 

We're just gonna come out and say it: New Year's Resolutions suck.

If you're ready to roll over a fresh start for 2023, but want to cut the BS - you'll need to understand why those promises you make to yourself at the strike of midnight on NYE might not stick. 

Here's our top reasons why New Year's Resolutions aren't your best approach to inciting positive change, and how to go about your goals a better way so you won't be defeated.


3. They're Usually Framed in the Negative

Let's take a moment to consider the basis of most new year goals: They're usually structured around stopping a behavior that's no longer serving you - things like quitting smoking, stressing, drinking alcohol, eating junk food, working too much overtime, overspending on the wrong things - the list goes on. And honestly, they all absolutely suck.

So, what do all these goals have in common that make them crippling to our forward progress? It's the negative way we frame them in our minds - all shame-based thoughts structured around moving away from something undesirable that is no longer serving us. Turns out, this negative reinforcement style does zero favors for our psychology, contrary to popular opinions about tough love.

In fact, constantly reminding ourselves about the things we've been doing "wrong" can have the opposite effect and perpetuate the very behaviors we want to squash.

💥 Do This Instead: 

If you want to trick your brain into compliance so you'll have a better shot at success - it's all about how you frame things. It sounds simple because it is... Set your goals in your mind using positive language.

This year, think about what you want to move towards and use encouraging language in your self-talk. Get excited. Feel pumped about what you're working for. Decide you want to enjoy more financial freedom, become your healthiest self, have an incredible vacation later in the year, whatever it is you want for yourself. Then take the steps to make it happen - with the wind of excitement in your sails, not the defeating negativity of guilt, regret or overwhelm.

2. They're Mainly Designed to Please Others

Ever tried to force yourself into doing something you felt totally uninspired about? Yep, it totally sucks. As with all things in life, when we feel like we're obligated to do things, they can be a total grind (and you hate every moment), or they'll just fizzle out before you get any traction, even if you mean well.

Whether you're setting a goal simply to please another, or you're just jumping through the hoops of what you think you "should"  say or do based on outside opinion, just remember - the best of intentions will always fall flat if you don't truly OWN your goalsGetting the motivation to push through your old habits won't happen unless you've got a serious flame of passion to keep your momentum going.

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💥 Do This Instead:

Real, lasting change is born when you've got a desire that inspires you on a deep level. ... So if you're feeling crushed by the current reality of your weight loss goal or aim to get out of debt, stop worrying about what anyone else wants for you. Get real with your desire - and if you really want it too, go for it.

To get the ball rolling, contemplate how you want your life to look. Consider how confident, happy, free, or energetic you'll feel once you achieve said objective, and OWN it. Don't do it for anyone else - this goal is JUST FOR YOU. 

With this passion to succeed aligned with your drive, you'll have more tools at your disposal to resist the old habits that have been keeping you stuck where you're at.

1. They're Way Too Vague to Make Any Impact

I'm sure you've heard that "Planning and preparation prevents piss-poor performance" - and this old chestnut couldn't be more relevant when a goal for change is in your sights.

There's no avoiding the fact that New Year's Resolutions usually end up as low impact, poorly-formed plans.  Cobbled together on the spur of the moment, at midnight, at a party somewhere... These lofty ideas of losing weight, saving money, or kicking the drink "after this one last toast" just plain suck, and don't set you up for success.

Claiming you want to realize some wishy-washy goal in front of your friends doesn't make it happen. These vague concepts won't give you the tools you really need to enact change in your routine, any time limit or urgency to push you along the path, or the helpful metrics you need to measure your progress.

💥 Do This Instead:

Get strategic with your goal-setting if you really mean business. How exactly are you going to maximize your time more efficiently? What routines and habits need to change for you to make 'em happen? Where can you find the support and resources you'll need?

Instead of just going where the wind blows you, set a clear path for your journey so you can track your progress and make adjustments along the way where needed. When it comes to fitness and mental toughness goals, we've got you covered with a plan of attack.

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At the end of the day, everyone knows New Year's Resolutions are the biggest load of hyped-up, fast-forgotten goals that mean pretty much nothing. That said, it's critical to keep on moving forward in life - and the turn of a new year is a great opportunity for self-reflection, scheming and forward planning. 

Wanna push toward a better version of you in 2023? That's the spirit... If you're not improving and evolving, you might as well be going backwards. 

This New Year's Eve, skip the flimsy, drunken proclamations about silly goals that everyone will be paying lip service to at midnight... Because goal setting is serious business.

When you're ready to get real about changing things for the better, hit us up. We'll be here with all the programs, gear and tools you need to launch 2023 like an absolute boss.

Stay Strong,

Greg | MME

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