How to Respect Yourself Like a Marine

There’s a reason that people can always tell if someone was once a United States Marine. Something about the experience of becoming one of America’s best remains with every marine long after they leave the service.

But if you haven't yet gone to bootcamp or can't, you can still respect yourself in the same way and, in turn, showcase confidence that will demand respect from others.

The way you start your day affects how the rest of the day will go.

While bootcamp gunnery sergeants force marines to make their beds to teach order and routine, there's truth to the idea that keeping your area neat and clean imposes outer order on your inner self.

Want to respect yourself and your home? Start with the bed; chances are the rest of your space will follow sooner after.

Marines will tell you that they don’t settle for good enough. Instead, the challenge is always to rise above and overcome one’s limits. To that end, if you want to respect yourself like a Marine, you need to hold yourself to even higher standards than your peers.

Extend this mentality to everything you do. Don’t just get a C on that paper – get an A+.

Don’t tread water at work – work harder and become a supervisor or, even better, become a full leader at the company.

Don’t take your girlfriend or boyfriend to a mediocre date – knock their socks off and pull out all the stops to give them a romantic encounter they’ll never forget.

Do your best each and every day and you'll be forced to respect yourself like a Marine… because you’ll get results.


Marines have goals and ideals they strive to reach every day. If you want to respect yourself like a marine, you need goals, too.

Find them and commit to them with everything you have. Work out an action plan using the same discipline and routine as you bring to bear on your bed and the rest of your life. Step by step, achieve your goals by committing all your efforts toward them.

This is the way that great men and women achieve things that others can only imagine. Marines are better than most and achieve amazing things – if you want to be like them, you will, too.


You can’t settle for less. It’s one thing to fail at something after giving it your all, and failure is a normal part of life. But you should never “settle” or give up before either failure or total victory. In the marines, failure is unacceptable.

Treat every aspect of your life and goals similarly, and you’ll start to demand better performance from yourself, even when you think you’re out of energy and motivation.

Take this article to heart, and you will learn to respect yourself as marines respect themselves. Don't just read this and continue being the way that you are.

Be the person you've always wanted to be. 

Unleash the warrior within.

Respect yourself, and others will respect you.



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