6 Kickass Things Most People Don't Know About Military Life

High risk, high reward

Military life can be brutal... There’s no sugarcoating it. To serve is among the most stressful, all-consuming, mentally and physically taxing, and challenging occupations one can have. One could describe the job as ‘high risk, high reward’, to put it lightly.

But despite the tough parts, there are some serious benefits to military life that, for the right person, makes it all totally worth it.

Here are 6 of the best parts of military life that might’ve slipped past your radar:

6. You Will Get Fit Fast

First of all, there’s nothing that will whip you into shape as fast and furiously as Basic Training. It’s no secret that physical fitness is an important aspect of the job when you’re in the military. The resources are all there - from expert training to relentless motivation.

Your job and (sometimes, quite literally) livelihood depend on it. There’s little room for leniency when it comes to being strong and healthy, and you’re always better off for it.

5. Doors Will Open For You

While the world of the military is indeed quite different from the civilian world, many of the skills you learn while serving can be directly applied to the corporate setting.

With law enforcement and secret service fields being some of the more well-known post-military career paths, it’s just just the tip of the iceberg. Medicine, IT, engineering, commercial transportation, and administration are just some of the many opportunities for transferring to civilian life.

4. You’ll Reap the Benefits

Those who work for the government have some of the best benefits available out there, from all-encompassing healthcare to top-tier retirement benefits. While there are a variety of plans available, all military members receive lifetime pensions based on the average of their highest three years of base pay, ensuring you’re set for life. 

3. You’ll Get Free Education

With staggeringly steep college tuition price tags, the US is among the highest in the world in terms of higher education costs. Luckily, those who serve don’t have to worry about coughing it up or feeling the blow of student debt down the line.

Thanks to the new GI Bill, all veterans with at least 36 months of service under their belt can have full-tuition plus a monthly living stipend on the (White) house. 

2. You’ll See the World

One of the greatest perks of military life is receiving the opportunity to travel and see the world - all on Uncle Sam’s dime. Active and retired service members and their families are all eligible for free or inexpensive travel in the form of Space-A flights, also known as ‘Military Hops’.

Flying between U.S. military bases all over the world, military missions often have extra seats they can make available to those who want them, whether it be on a cargo plane, a fuel tanker, or a commercial charter plane.

1. You’ll Make Friends For Life

Friendships created on a battlefield are hands-down among the most powerful and long-lasting bonds that exist. It’s true that nothing brings people together quite like a time of crisis, and the air is always there when you’re serving in the military.

These are the people that will still be in your life for years after your serve- you’ve mutually experienced things and been tested in ways that no one else can fathom, so you’re sure to be pals for life. 

As you can see, although life in the military can be a grueling, taxing commitment at times - there's some seriously kickass perks that help offset the struggles! If you're considering joining the forces, this honorable profession can take you places, propel your career, and transform your life in ways you never dreamed possible.

Thanks for reading, stay strong warrior.

Maggie Johnson | MME Wellness Contributor


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