5 New Year Habits Recommended by the US Military

Start 2023 with Military Precision

The US Military demands the best from their service members, but they also know that overall excellence, wellness and fortitude means having all your ducks in a row in all areas of life.

For that reason, they have their very own spin on New Year's Resolutions, and recommend their soldiers regard the new year as an opportunity to take stock. 

Wondering what the US Military recommends as their basis for greatness in 2023? Here's their 5 practical starting points to get you in the best position to crush this year with military toughness:

5. Run a Physical Status Check

Of course, it comes as no surprise that the US Army pushes for their members to be in peak physical condition at all times. And while their rigorous training schedule spans over the entire calendar year, they still punctuate the changing of the new year with a fresh set of eyes.

This January, the military is urging soldiers to re-assess their physical setpoint and diagnose any areas for improvement. They'll be offering their service personnel a range of coaching and physical auditing programs to advance overall wellness; including exercise prescriptions, metabolic analysis, stress management and body composition assessments. 

Take a page out of the military's book and examine your physiology this new year - are you where you want to be in terms of your fitness, health, and mental strength? There's no time like the present to get your body in line with your goals.

4. Get Your Finances in Order

No good soldier worth their salt would intentionally let their personal affairs fall by the wayside... But with their demanding schedule, military personnel often need to make a concerted effort just to sit down and examine their finances from time to time. They're getting a nudge from their commanders to take a look at their books this January, and we should all be following suit. 

While accounting is not the most exciting task on your to-do list, it's one that definitely needs regular attention if you want to remain comfortable, profitable and successful - all elements of being a modern-day warrior. 

Do the responsible thing and take a beat this month to guarantee your ongoing financial freedom. Here's the US Army's checklist for giving yourself a financial health assessment:

  Money Management & Budgeting

  Credit & Debt Assessment

  Home & Car Purchases

  Identity Theft Protection

  Retirement Planning & Investments

3. Check Your Vices

Addiction can range anywhere from overeating to substance abuse, with many different vices falling in-between. The US military knows that their high-pressure working environment can put a strain on soldier’s discipline, especially when it comes to things that help blow off steam or relax hardworking operatives. Unfortunately, there’s a slippery slope between letting your hair down on the weekend and getting hooked on unhealthy, destructive habits.

Whether you’re throwing back a few too many drinks on the regular, can’t stop hitting your vape, or find yourself reaching for something stronger to take the edge off; the new year is the ideal time to take a hard look at your habits.

The military provides plenty of counselling and support for service members in need of a hand, and luckily as civilians we have access to many similar resources. Don’t be afraid to ask for help getting back on track to becoming your best self - there will always be a light on for you when you're ready to make a positive change.

2. Reconnect With Your Source

Who would have thought the military would encourage self-actualization as much as they do? They must be onto something when it comes to bringing about mental fortitude, as they urge soldiers to follow their truth with spiritual self-improvement.

Whether this "reconnecting to source energy" involves religious faith, positive psychological training or performance enhancement studies, they're fully endorsing each individual's journey and providing resources to help. 

This new year, take a soldier's perspective to goal-setting and motivation, and try tapping into your elevated potential. Meditate, get deep in thought on a run, or devote your spirit to a higher power - the US military vouches that all these pursuits shape stronger, more positive mindsets and overall resilience. 

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1. Always Be New-Job Ready

Career changes always seem to come as a surprise, and you want to be ready for any potential promotion opportunities that come your way. 

The military is constantly coaching their personnel to be well-prepared for promotion, and no matter how stable your job in the civilian world may be, you too should have a solid CV at the ready at all times. It's no secret that it's wild times in the commerce realm right now, so it's also prudent to be mentally and professionally prepared for a change in vocation at a moment's notice. 

That means having a solid strategy for re-employment if you do happen to lose your job, and an even stronger one if you're climbing the corporate ladder or scaling your business this year.  

Be professionally ready for anything with these preparatory measures the military is encouraging everyone to take care of this January:

  A Comprehensive Resume

  A Hard-Hitting Cover Letter

  Confident Interview Techniques

  A Compelling Pitch

Setting up your year for success can be done with military precision - and no matter if you're in uniform or simply a warrior in the civilian world, these 5 habits recommended by the US military will get you on the right track to crush 2023.

Fefe | MME Lifestyle Contributor

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