4 Ways to Turn Your Phone into a Life Improvement Tool

Be smart with your Smartphone

Modern technology brought the wisdom of the universe to our fingertips, but many of us still aren't using our mobile phones to our greatest advantage.

Some may argue that the distractions our phones provide outweigh the good, but these incredible devices can indeed pave the way to a better life. 

Start 2022 the right way by using your phone as a life improvement tool, exactly the way its visionary creators originally planned. Here are 4 ways in which you can do just that:

4. Load Up On Self-Improvement Apps

Removing the wrong apps from your phone is important. But so is installing the right apps.

One of the best to try is the MME 30 Day Warrior Challenge App, which has everything you need to transform your body and workout routine for maximum success.

It’s the perfect app for getting in the best shape of your life and losing weight even if you feel uninspired. All told, it includes tons of great tools and advantages like tutorial videos, goal trackers, nutrition trackers, and optional bodyweight or gym workouts depending a what you need.

As soon as you get rid of the time-wasting games, try the 30 Day Warrior Challenge App for yourself; odds are you won't be disappointed! Get the lowdown on how it works here

3. Leverage Your Reminders for Good

Ever heard of a "brain dump"? It's the simple process of unloading all the thoughts weighing down your mind so you can think more clearly.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but there's something innately freeing about writing checklists of stuff you've got to do, places you need to be, and things you need to remember so you don't have them nagging at your subconscious.

Download up a great Note-Taking app on your phone and try a brain dump for yourself. Write out your to-do list, any stressful thoughts or pressing tasks clouding your head, plus all the special dates you always struggle to remember. Then cue up a bunch of reminders on your phone so when the time is right, you'll get a ping to get started on a project, quit procrastinating, and call your mom for her birthday! 

2. Track Your Progress 

Seeing is believing - and when you're working on something important, the process is so much more gratifying when you're able to notice your results!

This is especially true for your physical gains, and your phone can be an indispensable tool for tracking and recording your progress. When you're able to watch your body fat disappearing, muscle mass increasing and your calories being burned, your motivation goes through the roof.

To help you track your physiology as you work out, we include our Elite Progress Workout Tracker with every MME workout program - but as our New Year's gift to you, here's a link to your FREE copy.

To learn how to use this tool to track your gains, check out our guide right here.

1. Redirect Your Screen Time 

If you're prone to getting sucked into social media or responding to every notification as soon as it pops up, there's some ways to help redirect your time-wasting phone habits.

We're all guilty of wasting a bunch of time on our phones, and it's not entirely our own fault. Social media apps and lots of websites are specially designed to be addictive in nature, giving you frequent dopamine hits and targeted content that keeps you on their platform as long as possible. (More time on their app = more opportunities to expose you to ads and get you to buy more crap you don't need. It's evil genius.) 

While it seems like the only option is to delete the apps vying for our attention, that's a big ask for most of us - especially if we're hooked on them. And to be honest, there's nothing stopping us from caving and re-downloading the app again when you feel the urge.

A better strategy is to recognize the addictive nature of our phones and exercise some control when we use them. If you find yourself wasting countless hours on mindless scrolling each day, try setting up a time tracker for your most-used apps.

Trust me, there's nothing more horrifying than realizing you've spent 4 hours on Facebook when you're supposed to be focusing on your other goals!

All in all, our phones can be some of the best inventions ever created; it just falls on us to use them responsibly and maturely. Why not use your phone as a tool to make 2022 your best year of self development, life improvement and greatness ever? All the tools you need are at your fingertips... 

Thanks for reading, stay strong warrior.

Justin | MME Wellness Contributor

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