Shadow X™ Portable Door Lock
Shadow X™ Portable Door Lock
Shadow X™ Portable Door Lock
Shadow X™ Portable Door Lock
Shadow X™ Portable Door Lock
Shadow X™ Portable Door Lock

Shadow X™ Portable Door Lock

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These days there's no such thing as being too safe.

Which is why at Shadow X™ we have created the Portable Door Lock so that you can feel secure wherever you go.

We don't play around when it comes to safety, and neither should you!

Conveniently pocket-sized and designed to fit almost any hinged door, the Portable Door Lock can be installed and removed within seconds without any tools! Carry the lock in your purse, pocket, or backpack and easily put it to use whenever you need. 

"But isn't my regular door lock already protecting me?"
Actually, average door locks are not as strong as they may seem...

In 2020, the FBI reported 194,324 night-time burglaries.
If you live alone it's important more than EVER to keep yourself and your belongings protected, especially when you're asleep!

Our Portable Door Lock is made with Military-Grade Stainless Steel, so you can finally say goodbye to sleepless nights. 

If you're a female, you definitely need this.
1 in 3 females carry self defense products. You need to be protected in today's reality. Don't wait to become a victim and let yourself feel safe in your home. You deserve to have a peace of mind!
"Where else can I use the Portable Door Lock?"

🏖️ Staying at a Hotel or Airbnb
🏠Renting an Apartment
🎓Living in Student Dorms at College
Remember: Someone always has a spare key to your room. 
The Portable Door Lock will prevent anyone from outside from opening your door, even if they have a key. Whether you're a homebody or a traveller, keep yourself safe wherever you are in the world.

"What if I just want some PRIVACY?" 🙄

We get it! Sometimes we just need alone time. Our Portable Door Lock will not only keep you SAFE, but it will also keep out your annoying roommates, siblings, kids, parents, or anyone else who tries to barge into your room! It's a win-win!

We have tested the strength of our Portable Door Lock to stand the test of time. No matter how hard you kick, push, or pull - that lock won't BUDGE!

Due to high demand, we're selling out fast.
So hurry and grab your Locks for you & your loved ones before they're sold out!
Show your friends & family how much you care for their safety with a thoughtful gift.