12 Week Tactical Athlete Program

12 Week Tactical Athlete Program

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TRANSFORM your body into a LEAN fighting machine and build FUNCTIONAL strength.

This program was originally created for those in the line of duty who need to build and maintain a certain level of functionality to carry out the tasks of their jobs. They may be required to carry heavy equipment for extended periods of time, and will certainly require toughness to do their job effectively.

This program will easily translate to the average joe, preparing and conditioning them to do the same.

This program will help you develop:

  • Speed and Endurance – Run and farther and faster.
  • Strength and Power – Lift equipment, gear, and people too.
  • Flexibility and  Mobility – Move easily over uneven terrain and in between obstacles.
  • Muscle Stamina – Move yourself and gear up, over, under, and through space.
  • And much more! - Stay prepared for anything your job or life throws at you.

Here's how it works:

In this 12 week program you will train using the standards of top-notch SF Operators 5 days a week working on both your Strength & Conditioning.

During the 3 days of “Strength”, you will follow a scientific progressive overload to increase your overall strength in all main compound lifts. 

The other 2 days will be dedicated to sharpening your Conditioning level, working on your stamina using running sessions and full body functional circuits.


About the Coach:

This program was developed by our team member Ryan, who spent more than 7 years in an elite special forces unit. Following his military service, he has acquired several personal training certifications and now spends his time coaching remotely and creating strength and conditioning programs.