MME™ 5 Minute Mile Warrior Running Program
MME™ 5 Minute Mile Warrior Running Program
MME™ 5 Minute Mile Warrior Running Program

MME™ 5 Minute Mile Warrior Running Program

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 From Beginner To Running Warrior in 12 Weeks

🔥 Dive into the legacy of our world-renowned MME training programs! Crafted meticulously for those who dare to conquer a 5-minute mile – a benchmark for many elite special forces and an ultimate fitness goal for many.

📖 Every workout comes alive with in-depth explanations, guiding you step-by-step. Experience a scientifically designed blend of training, ensuring you're always at peak performance.

🏆 Join the ranks of thousands of tactical athletes who've not only smashed their goals using this program but also stormed through some of the world's most grueling selection processes.

📅 Embark on a transformative 12-week journey and witness the evolution of your endurance, speed, and determination.

This Program Is Perfect For:

  • Those of any fitness levels from beginning to advanced
  • Those who want great results but have no access to a gym
  • Those looking to boost their endurance and overall running performance.

5 Minute Mile Running Program Overview:

  • Weekly Structure: Each week has specific daily instructions: run, strength training, or rest.
  • Start of the Week:
    • Review the plan to understand workout dates and intensity.
    • Schedule workouts in your calendar or planner for consistency.
  • Daily Breakdown: Each day specifies an activity type and intensity.
  • Training Goals:
    • Gradual mileage increase.
    • Built-in rest days for muscle recovery.
  • Note: This plan is a guide. Always listen to your body and rest if needed.

*BONUS ($59 Value) - Strength & stretching routines.

Are you ready to redefine your limits?