What We Can Learn About Being Bold from the US Space Force

For a lesson on fearlessly facing uncharted territory, take some inspiration from our United States Space Force. Talk about boldly going where others fear to go.

This specialized branch of the US Air Force established its independence as its own military branch in 2019. With the stars in its eyes, it focuses on protecting the interests of our country in space, conducting groundbreaking intergalactic operations, and deterring aggression in, from, and to space.

If there’s anyone who can inspire us to attack a challenge head-on, it’s this bold organization.

Beyond its operational benefits to the US, we can also learn a lot from the Space Force as a concept on how to be courageous.

Channel their intrepid ideals next time you’re close to feeling defeated:

If Space is Conquerable, So Is Anything Else!

Space, as Star Trek famously says, is the final frontier!

For decades, the world has seemed to be in a kind of stagnation. There aren’t any foggy sections on the map anymore, and it can sometimes feel like there’s nowhere left to go.

But space really is the final frontier. And the Space Force recognizes the importance of exploring and colonizing it with gusto, and before anyone else. While they’re focused on establishing control of this seemingly intangible goal, we can take a page out of their book when it comes to dreaming big. 

This concept of aiming high, straight out the gate, can be applied to any challenges you’re facing in life.

Getting the jump on your goals when inspiration strikes not only puts you at a distinct advantage to your competitors if there are limited stakes to claim, but it can mean the difference between your ongoing motivation and giving up.

If the Space Force can set their sights on the cosmos and hold true to their dedication, we too can shoot for the moon with our earthly gains! 

Mind Over Matter

While the Space Force knows it’s important that we push out into space and solidify a permanent presence in locations like the moon, there’s no denying that it’ll be the toughest challenge we’ve faced as a country yet.

But that ain’t stopping this bold organization who’s keeping their eye on the prize.

Space travel is prohibitively expensive and dangerous, even when we take all of the right precautions.

Similarly, our daily lives present challenges and roadblocks along the way to our success. But removing these mental blocks can give us the strength and ingenuity to overcome setbacks, which really is the kicker.

Essentially, the Space Force’s underlying message of determination is this: What we decide to do matters more than the difficulty of the task itself.

This echoes the sentiments expressed by JFK in the middle of the space race when he said that we do things, "not because they are easy but because they are hard".

Being bold, after all, means taking on difficult challenges for their own sake.

It’s Better to Be Preemptive Than Be Left Behind

Lastly, boldness is crucial in these modern times because our opponents aren’t far behind. Whether you’re angling for your place in a program with limited positions available, competing against others, or just trying to beat your personal best; there’s always going to be something nipping at your heels.

The Space Force recognizes that other countries are mobilizing their own space programs and their technology is accelerating at an exponential rate, but they’re not letting that external pressure distract them from their goal in achieving greatness. 

It’s crucial that we be bold and launch ourselves into our goals, even with naysayers or competitors looming. If anything, taking this challenge to be the best first can be a massive motivator, as long as you don’t let comparison get the better of you. 

If you want to be the best, focus on yourself. The Space Force exemplifies this ideal by continually striving to go harder, reach further and stay the course.

By doing this in our own lives, we can be the first ones across any finish line we set our sights on. 

Feeling defeated? Simply take a page out of the Space Force’s book of boldness, and get that rocket fuel under your butt!

Be sure to get up, show up, smash your workout, and dominate your doubts to achieve whatever you put your mind to.  

Stay strong, warrior! 

Justin | Maine, USA

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