The Foolproof 3-Step Process to Strengthen Your Integrity

Integrity: It goes realms beyond just honesty and morals…

Everyone knows that person- They constantly arrive late to everything, or even worse, they don't show up at all. There’s nothing more frustrating than broken promises and half-hearted commitments. Or maybe there was someone in your life you thought you could count on to do the right thing or have your back, but when push came to shove, they showed their true colors (and they weren’t pretty).

Sound familiar? We’re talking about integrity. It’s easy to find and identify these disappointing patterns in other people, but not so much to reflect inward and contemplate these traits within yourself. Still, this is a crucial step for self-improvement and building your mental strength - a pillar of which is unshakable integrity that leads to doors opening wherever you go in life.

Integrity is a major core value within the military system, and service members don’t have a hope in hell of making it without cultivating this mental skill.

While the average civilian doesn’t have a sergeant drilling the importance of integrity into your brain all the time, there are methods that can be taken from military life to help.

 Here's 3 foolproof steps that will hone your integrity to a fine point, and command the respect you deserve:

STEP 1: 

This might seem counterproductive for those looking to build integrity in order to be more reliable to those around you… But paradoxically, the opposite is actually true.

Many people who exhibit signs of ‘flakiness’ or unreliability have good intentions to stay true to their word, but end up overbooking themselves and needing to drop some obligations, much to the dismay of those lower on the totem pole of priorities.

If you often find yourself in this predicament, the easiest way to cut yourself some slack is to simply learn to say “no” to those things that don’t make the cut. It might sound harsh at first, but you’ll quickly find it much more fulfilling and rewarding to be able to dedicate the time and energy to your top priorities that they deserve.

STEP 2: 
Prioritize What’s Important

With the reassurance that it’s okay and even productive to say “no”, the next step is to figure out what’s important enough to warrant a “yes”.

Seems easy enough, right? Well, not always. If you’re in a state of overwhelm and/or constant stress, it’s easy to get wrapped up in timely and sometimes even trivial matters. This bombardment of the brain can make it impossible to identify what really matters at the end of the day.

It’s crucial to be able to sit back and keep sight of the big picture every so often - especially when you find yourself floundering or stressed out - in order to put things into perspective. Some tangible methods to get in the mindset include meditation, traveling, trying new hobbies, and spending time with loved ones. It can even be as simple as turning off the TV and going for a walk outside instead.

STEP 3: 
Stay True to Your Word

Once you’ve been able to identify your priorities and you’re confident in your values, the only next actionable step, candidly, is to honor your commitments - both promises you make to yourself and to others.

While this step seems on the surface to be the most simple and straightforward, it often proves to be the part of the process people struggle most with.

The core components of integrity are speaking your truth, owning up to your mistakes, and doing the right thing even when nobody’s watching - all actions that stem from the powerful agreements you make with your own psyche, or project to the outside world. 

Whether you’re speaking out loud to someone about your intentions, or simply deciding in your mind that you’re going to do something - the impact of going back on those promises can rock you to your core. Aside from maintaining your reputation as a dependable person, the inner turmoil that comes with letting yourself down can be even more devastating.

Be sure to line up your thoughts and verbal agreements with the action you carry out, and your honor and integrity will be unshakable.

It’s no secret that an inevitable aspect of the human condition is our innate resistance to change. So how do we hijack our natural tendency to stick to the status quo?

Learn how to “eat an elephant” like a Navy Seal with MME’s Special Forces Mental Strength Hacks Program. This life-changing course contains invaluable mental coping mechanisms and methods to get your priorities on track and strengthen your integrity for a successful, fulfilling life.

Small changes cause massive shifts, so try these 3 methods for building integrity that help your self-confidence and reputation soar, and doors open for you everywhere you go.

Live true, warrior.

Maggie Johnson | MME Lifestyle Contributor


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