Jumpstart Your Warrior Resolutions:Instill These 5 Healthy Eating Habits Now

Made a New Year’s resolution already? If you’re like many of us, chances are that your resolution will revolve around losing weight, getting more shredded, or eating more healthily.

With the festive season upon us, it may seem like a tough time to exercise restraint - but from one warrior to another... Flexing your nutritional awareness now is the best way to avoid starting next year out behind the 8-ball.

Here's 5 ways you can get a jumpstart on your New Year’s resolution now:

5. Focus on Vegetables, Not Carbs

One of the best things you can do is eat more vegetables and replace your carbs with them as often as you can.

While you do need some carbohydrates (particularly whole-grain breads and the like), vegetables are also crucial for your body and, more importantly, can fill up your stomach and prevent you from feeling hungry after a meal. 

Since vegetables have lots of fiber, it’ll take your stomach a little longer to digest them, which may stop you from snacking is frequently between meals.

4. Eat Slowly

Additionally, you can eat healthier by eating less. To do that, try to eat more slowly with every meal.

Your stomach regularly sends signals to the brain, but this process is delayed, even while you eat. 

If you eat a huge meal too fast, you’ll consume all those calories before your stomach has time to tell your brain to turn the hunger signals off.

You can counteract this effect by eating more slowly and taking smaller bites. This way, you can eat until you’re full, not until you’re stuffed.

3. Cook for Yourself More Often

Want another good strategy? Try to cook meals for yourself more often instead of eating out.

Even ostensibly healthy places use lots of salt and sugar to make their recipes taste much better to the general public. Plus, eating at a restaurant every night or getting takeout after a long day of work is a quick way to gain weight and rack up heavy bills.

Wondering where all your disposable income is going? Chances are it’s going to the restaurant or fast-food industries.

You’ll also learn a lot more about what’s healthy and how to feed yourself properly this way.

2. Love Meat? Choose Fish Instead

Many of us aren’t interested in giving up meat in any capacity (and besides, there’s plenty of science that shows that some animal-based proteins can be good for you if eaten in the right amounts).

But you can still eat a little more healthily while enjoying regular meat by transitioning to fish instead of beef. 

Fish provides a lot of nutrients to your body, including vitamins and minerals, plus plenty of protein. Even better: Oily fish like salmon, trout, and mackerel are rich with Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help to prevent heart disease.

1. Avoid Saturated Fat and Sugar

Lastly, try to cut down on saturated fat and sugar as much as you can. Saturated fat, or at least too much of it, can increase how much cholesterol is in your blood, which also boosts your chances of heart disease. 

Furthermore, too much sugar can spike the insulin in your blood, clogging arteries and leading to tons of health issues, as well as general weight gain.

All in all, following these tips will go a long way toward helping you meet your weight-related New Year’s resolution goals. Ready for a ripped 2023? We sure are... See you at the gains!

Thanks for reading,

Justin | Maine, USA

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