Instill These 3 Eating Habits to Cut Body Fat

Get the skinny on slashing your unwanted pounds

Let’s face it – many of us could stand to lose a few pounds, especially with Thanksgiving and lots of other big holiday meals just around the corner and coming up quickly!

Let’s break down three universal eating habits you can follow to cut down on body fat:

3. Avoid Processed Foods – Focus on Whole Foods

First and foremost, avoid any processed foods that you can, and empty out your pantry if you have tons of overly salty and processed stuff.

Then take a trip to the grocery store and purchase whole foods or things made without as many preservatives and additional salt and sugar.

We aren’t saying you necessarily have to go fully organic. But the truth is, overly processed foods usually have far too much salt, sugar, and other sweeteners to improve their taste and disguise the fact that they’ve been shipped across the country and were frozen for days or weeks on end.

Cut out processed foods and you’ll be shocked to see how much easier it is to lose weight.

2. Eat More Vegetables – They’re Full of Fiber!

Next, we’d recommend eating many more vegetables – in fact, add as many vegetables to your diet as you can.

According to the FDA, approximately half of your plate should be taken up by vegetables. We know, we know… vegetables aren’t the best-tasting foods ever… or are they?

In truth, most people don’t like vegetables because they don’t cook them properly. Many staple vegetables like:



Green Beans




These can actually be quite delicious if you cook them correctly.

Try to avoid boiling vegetables, which takes away some of their vital nutrients, anyway. Instead, steam, fry, or grill your veggies for better flavor and better health overall.

Vegetables are also great if you want to cut body fat since they’re full of fiber, meaning it takes fewer vegetables to fill you up compared to other foods, like sweets and some types of protein.

1. Eat Slowly, Not Quickly

Lastly, try to change your eating habits by eating more slowly as opposed to quickly.

Why? Your stomach takes between 15 and 20 minutes to stop sending hunger signals to your brain, even if you’re guzzling down tons of food in massive bites. If you eat tons of food in the first 10 or 15 minutes of a meal, you might accidentally overeat, and you may only stop feeling hungry after you’ve eaten portions that are too large for your body type or caloric needs.

The best rule of thumb is to take smaller bites and put smaller portions on your plate. If you eat more slowly, you’ll feel less hungry as you consume your meal and won’t accidentally keep eating by habit. In other words, take away the option for your body to automatically eat the food in front of it.

There are a million more ways you can change your eating habits and cut body fat.

But the above three are a great start if you have trouble working with specific diets or exercise regimes.

Let us know your fat-slashing progress (and subsequent muscle gains!) when you adopt this awesome healthy eating plan…

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