Do These 5 Things in the Evening to Get the Most Out of the Next Day

We’ve all had that sinking feeling before as we collapse into bed at night. You know the one: The feeling that you’ve wasted the evening and that you’re not prepared for the next day, whether it’s a hard day at work, the beginning of a new project, or something else. 

 But the most productive people don’t just start working hard on their goals when they wake up in the morning – they actually do five major things before they go to bed at night to get the most out of the next day.

Let’s examine each of these night routine tips together:

5. Get Home With Plenty of Time to Chill Before Bed

First off, make sure you get home from work or any other engagement with enough time to unwind before hitting the hay.

Everyone needs a bit of time to decompress after the day's activities and interactions. (That's right- even the most extroverted folks who like to socialize after work aren't exempt from this detail!)

If you don’t give yourself this time, you’ll feel frazzled and rushed as you head to bed and you won’t get high-quality sleep.

Additionally, don’t stay late at work – tell yourself that you can wake up early in the morning instead. You’ll be more productive by starting early, too.

4. Plan the Next Day

To make the most of each new day, plan that new day in the evening beforehand. You can be as detailed or simplistic about this process as you like.  

For instance, you might write down your daily goals in a planner or come up with a schedule you want to follow over the next 24 hours. 

Either way, planning what you’ll do over the next day can help your goals come to fruition.

It’s much easier to follow a step-by-step plan for the day than it is to come up with your next moves in the moment.

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3. Set Out Your Clothes

If you have trouble picking out what you wear each day, do yourself a favor and set out the next day’s outfit beforehand.

It’s usually easier to pick out your clothes when you're relatively clear-headed in the evening than when you're sleepy and  groggy in the morning. 

 Place the clothes on a chair or desk and just grab them when you wake up or after taking your shower. This can seriously cut down on your prep time before heading to work or to your workout!

2. Tidy Up Before Bed

Another good way to make the most of the next day is to do a little light cleaning before bed. (Don't panic, we're not recommending you mop the floor or vacuum.)

But tidying up daily clutter such as dishes in the sink and dirty laundry on the floor can ensure that all of your supplies for the coming morning are organized.

Again, this prevents you from wasting valuable time in the morning when you could be going to work, the gym or getting an early start on your goals. It’ll also help you mentally by making you feel more in control of your home as you fall asleep.

1. Unplug One Hour Before Shuteye

Lastly, do your brain and eyes a favor and avoid using your computer or any other electronic devices for about an hour before bed. While we all love technology, computers and mobile phones emit blue light, which can trick our brains into thinking the sun is rising.

This plays havoc with your sleep schedule and can even ruin the quality of your sleep. Read a book or look at the stars instead – these activities can help to calm your mind before sleep and ensure that you awaken refreshed and energized for the next day. 

Get ready to kickstart your most awesome, productive and energetic tomorrow when you incorporate these 5 evening habits into your nighttime routine.

Sleep tight and see you bright and sparky… Stay strong, warrior!

 Justin | Maine, USA

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