Cut These 3 Habits Now to Become Your Best Self

The path to self-improvement can be long and hard. But there are ways to accelerate your journey to actualizing your best self. I know there are plenty of guides about what you can do proactively to boost your mental and physical health or to improve your motivation...

But today let’s focus on the things you should stop doing if you want to get rid of the negative aspects of your personality or working habits.

Here's 3 habits you should cut if you want to become your best self ASAP...

The first habit to cut if you want to become your best self is bad eating and drinking habits.

Specifically, try to restrict the amount of highly processed food you eat, and change your drinking habits if you find yourself reaching for alcohol every night.

While junk food and alcohol can be tasty or satisfying, as we know they’re terrible for our health. Junk food and alcohol are poor fuel sources for your body – you’ll be unable to gain muscle mass or become more fit over time if your diet has too much of either, and you could start to experience weight issues.

Even worse, junk food and alcohol can eventually affect your mood and motivation. It’s easy to keep going to the gym when your diet is filled with vegetables and lean meats because you’ll feel better and have more energy. It’s a lot harder if all you eat is Cheetos and all you drink is Coors Lite. 


Social media is arguably the worst screen-based development in recent history. It’s amusing and entertaining for a time, but it can also be quite addicting. This is a bad thing since social media turns your social instinct against you.

There’s a reason why so many young people are experiencing high rates of mental illness: social media. Social media invites you to compare yourself against your friends and family, makes you wonder why people don’t respond to your texts or posts, and wrangles everybody into a digital popularity contest.

Getting rid of social media is the first step to reclaiming your mental health and becoming your best self. If you can’t bear to part with it entirely, at least limit your use of social media to only once per day, and for a very limited time.


Last but not least, try to stop complaining if you make it a habit. It can be worthwhile and relieving to vent about your issues or the stuff that is getting under your skin every once in a while. But when complaining becomes a habit, your brain eventually gets used to thinking of everything in negative terms.

To use a simple example, a complainer might see a forecast for a sunny day and think about the sun’s annoying glare, rather than the pleasant warmth. In other words, if you have a habit of complaining, you probably have a habit of seeing the worst in stuff.

This is bad for your mental health and terrible for your motivation. Become your best self by resisting the urge to complain and focusing on the bright side of every situation.


Cutting out these three habits will almost assuredly lead you to self-improvements over time, both physically and mentally.

Let us know how things are going after a few weeks – we’re sure you’ll feel better than ever!

Thanks for reading,

Justin | MME Wellness Contributor


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  • Thanks Greg, inspiring stuff! Need to introduce at least two of those ideas I to my life. I’m sure most people do these days!

    Karl Samson

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