8 Workouts You Can Do Outside This Spring

Hey, it's nice out!

Taking your workouts outdoors offers a number of benefits for your mind and body alike, from giving your eyes a break from screens and artificial light, to challenging your muscles with new terrain.

It's nice out! Escape the sweaty hustle of the gym and give yourself a change of scenery with these 8 outdoor-friendly workouts…

8. Sand Sprints

Lucky enough to live near a beach? Hitting the sand is a surefire way to level up your HIIT sprints that will give you calves of steel in no time. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down with some butt kicks, high knees, lunges and skips to avoid injury and get those muscles raring to go.

7. Hill Sprints

Similarly, simply scouting out a nice, steep (but not too steep - unless you’re training as a Hollywood stunt double!) hill to tackle can really give your buns that burn you’re after. 

6. Bleacher Drills

Have access to a stadium? Take a cue from the varsity sports team coach and use those steps to your advantage, running up and down the bleachers to get that blood pumping and muscles burning.

5. Staircase Climbs

Finding an outdoor staircase is a fun alternative to the usual stairmaster session, and offers an incline and decline workout as opposed to just the former. Run both up and down the stairs to give your legs more of a workout as you work all of the different muscles, from your calves to your quads. 

4. Park Bench Burn

It’s amazing how many different exercises you can do with something as common and simple as a park bench! Use the bench for your tricep dips, step ups, box jumps, incline push-ups or mountain climbers, just to name a few.

PRO TIP: Work your core with some park bench V-crunches: Sit on the end of the bench with your hands gripping the edge of the seat. Start with your legs outstretched at a 45-degree angle, then pull them in toward your chest, bending your knees. 

3. Grab Some Wheels

Have a bicycle? Dust off those wheels and let them see the light of day after a long winter spent in the garage. Apps like Bikemap and Strava can help you plan routes and find local bike paths and trails for a traffic and stress-free bike ride. 

2. Join a Rec League

Whether you dabbled in sports in high school, or are an avid player to this day, recreational adult sports leagues offer a prime opportunity to give your workouts some variety and meet fellow fitness enthusiasts with a casual, social atmosphere. From soccer to ultimate frisbee, basketball to beach volleyball, there’s something for everyone out there. 

1. Jog Somewhere New

Last on our list but certainly not least, the good ol’ jog around the park is a tried-and-true way to enjoy the great outdoors while getting your daily dose of steps in. Enjoy the fresh air and take in the sights at your local park, or go for a drive to some running trails to really engage in a change of scenery. 

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So what are you waiting for? Give your mind and body some space this spring and use the great outdoors to your advantage with these outdoor workouts. 

Thanks for reading, stay strong warrior.
Justin | MME Wellness Contributor

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