6 Ways Working Out Impacts Your Sex Life

In case you need another reason to hit the gym...

The quality of your sex life depends on a lot of things: your diet, physique, and even your age can all weigh in on your experiences between the sheets... But nothing impacts your sex life quite as much as working out.

Don't believe us? Here's 6 key ways working out can impact and improve your sex life over the long term:

6. You'll Exude Confidence

For starters, working out makes you look and feel amazing, which translates to increased confidence. If you've ever noticed that magnetic quality in someone that you can't quite put your finger on but you feel inherently drawn to, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. It's even more attractive in men than it is in women, so guys especially should work out regularly if you want to be confident both in and out of the bedroom.

Carrying yourself through life with confident self-assuredness is sexy, so lean into this and prospective mates will be more into you no matter what you look like naturally.

5. You'll Unleash More Testosterone

On top of that, working out improves testosterone production for both men and women. As one of the most important sex hormones, testosterone literally boosts your libido and makes you want to have sex more often.

Even better, increased libido makes you more adventurous and attractive in bed. There are even some studies that suggest your partner can smell the hormonal difference, so they may find you sexier if you have high testosterone even if you don’t change anything else about your body or presentation.

4. Obviously, You'll Get a Bangin' Physique

Naturally, working out will lead you to become more fit, strong and flexible. If you’re a man, you’ll get rippling muscles and irresistible strength. If you’re a woman, you’ll tone up and get tight curves that nobody will want to keep their hands off. Not to mention the adventurous new positions you'll be able to try with your newfound flexibility and body strength that lets you hold certain positions for longer and get bendy in ways that'd make anyone blush!

A great physique is phenomenal for improving your sexual encounters and your attractiveness. As a bonus, it’s also good for your long-term health and can prevent you from suffering from things like cardiovascular disease as you get older.

3. You'll Unlock Insane Sexual Endurance

The more you work out, the more cardio you’ll do. And the more cardio you do when your clothes are on, the stronger your heart will be to power your athletic escapades between the sheets. Boosted cardio fitness helps you go long and strong, so you can say goodbye to collapsing mid-romp in a sweaty, puffed-out mess. That's never a hot look.

Additionally, working out generally helps strengthen the core, including the kegel muscles in your pelvic floor. For women, that means more powerful orgasms; and for men, increased sexual continence so you don't come too quick. The importance of good sexual endurance can't be understated for men, of course, as no woman wants it all to be over in one minute! 

If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy a high-octane sex marathon with your significant other, working out is the way to get there. 

2. You'll Deal With Less Mood-Killers

Difficulty getting the wind in your sails is no joke for both men and women alike, and if you've ruled out any underlying health issues that might be causing a low sex drive; stress or depression may be to blame.

When you're stressed out, your body secretes excessive cortisol, a hormone involved in our "fight or flight" response. Over time, this buildup of cortisol can reduce your interest in sex and make it nearly impossible to climax. In extreme cases, it can also manifest as erectile dysfunction in men and severe pain during intercourse for women. Talk about a mood-killer looming over any chance of anyone getting off... 

Miraculously, working out helps bust through a lot of stress-related hormone chaos that might be killing your boner. Exercise unlocks a steady stream of feel-good endorphins that lower your cortisol levels, which will supercharge your interest and get you back in a raunchy headspace.

1. You'll Harness Primal Attraction

Finally, working out certainly improves your attractiveness overall - but it's not just on a visual level. With all the powerful workout hormones coursing through your veins, our ancestral DNA kicks in, sparking a magnetic attraction within you.

Men and women alike both find fit, physically impressive people to be attractive, yet it's not as superficial as one might think... It's just one of the ways our monkey brains prime us to seek out good specimens for long-term mates or parents for offspring.

If you want to have more success in the sexual market either in the short or long term, you'll want to work out regularly. Working out means you'll have more sex, the sex you have will be better, and you'll be more confident even if you don't get a hookup at any point.

In short, there’s no reason not to grab your workout gear right away, especially if you want to reinvigorate your sex life. So hit the gym, quit being a couch potato, and become your sexiest self. Aaaand... go get 'em! 

Thanks for reading, stay sexy warrior. 😉

Fefe | MME Wellness Contributor

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