5 Tips for Setting Up the Ultimate Home Workout Space

Create the home gym of your dreams

We can't emphasize enough the importance of staying fit - but it doesn't always mean you've got the time, budget or inclination to frequent a commercial gym. Perhaps your free time for workouts needs to be squeezed in whenever you can grab it, or you already have plenty of weights at home...

Luckily, there's plenty you can do at home with some basic workout equipment, or simply using your own bodyweight as resistance. 

For these reasons and more, you'll want to set up the ultimate home workout space; here’s 5 ways you can do just that:

5. Set Aside Enough Room

Firstly, be sure to set aside some dedicated space for your workouts. You’ll need plenty of open space to maneuver without feeling constricted by furniture, electronics, ceiling fans, and other stuff.

Try to pick a spot where you can lie down stretched out in every direction, that also has ample space to jump, lunge, twist, lift weights above your head, jump rope, and swing a kettlebell if you're so inclined.

Having a space around you that feels like you can move unencumbered in will improve your workouts and give you better range of motion: It's tough to stay in the zone if you're worried about crashing into something or knocking furniture over. 

If you can make your home workout space a permanent fixture, even better. But if you can't dedicate an entire area of your home just for this purpose, it's ok to use your garage floor, basement, or even your living room (after you move the couch and coffee table out of the way).

4. Multi-Exercise Equipment is Ideal

For a home gym, you'll want to prioritize equipment that can serve well for multiple exercises. Bars that you fit into doorframes, for example, can double as dip exercise tools, pull-up tools, and more.

You might also look into resistance bands, which are great for building strength and endurance in your muscles. They can be used for both arm workouts and leg workouts alike. Of course, you also can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned treadmill machine or stationary bike. 

No equipment? No worries - if you've got a body, you can work out! Check out our collection of Bodyweight Workout Programs: They're so hard-hitting you'll wonder why you ever thought you'd need a gym membership in the first place. 

3. Choose the Right Floor Material

Perhaps the most important thing when creating a home workout space is to pick the right floor material. You'll want something firm with a bit of give, but not too much cushioning - This will not only protect your floors, but also the joints in your body by giving you some grip and stability. 

Mats are a crucial component because the last thing you want is to drop heavy weights on your carpet or hardwood kitchen floor, plus they muffle the noise of metal on concrete if you're lifting weights in your garage.

To protect all your floors, a cheap and easy solution is to lay down some commercial-grade, interlocking foam mats. These are perfect for quick setup and removal, and allow you to transform any appropriate place of your home into a stellar home gym in minutes. As a bonus, these foam mats have a bit of extra bounce, so they'll be gentler on your ankles and knees during your workouts!

2. Install a Mirror

Mirrors aren't just a vanity thing... But let’s face it – a lot of us like working out so we can see our muscles ripple and so we can imagine how great we’ll look during summer!

To improve your motivation and, more importantly, ensure that you're maintaining the correct form during your exercises, install a mirror so you can watch yourself work out. The ideal mirror will be body height and long enough so you can see your entire physique in it. This will become an indispensable tool for watching your form, which in turn increases the performance of every set while helping you avoid injury.

1. Remove Workout Distractions

Lastly, set up your home workout space without any distractions so you can stay focused on your grind. Try to avoid busy thoroughfare areas or living spaces of your home where people coming and going could distract you, or television screens could steal your attention.

Workout distractions can make it harder for you to concentrate, plus cause you to stop and start in between your sets more frequently as your interest is pulled in different directions.

By following the above five tips, you’ll set up the ultimate home workout space for your future exercise sessions. There's nothing better than grabbing a couple of quick sets between your other housework, plus avoiding peak hour traffic and the expense of a gym membership. With the privacy, convenience and accessibility of your very own home gym, you’ll look and feel better than ever in no time.

Thanks for reading, stay strong warrior.

Justin | MME Wellness Contributor

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