5 of the Most Badass American Soldiers and Their Acts of Valor

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In the annals of American military history, there are tales of valor that inspire awe and reverence, so I've delved deep into the stories of some of the most badass American soldiers from World War I and World War II to bring them to you.

These were men who embodied courage, determination, and an unyielding spirit in the face of unimaginable odds. In this post, we'll journey through the awe-inspiring acts of these extraordinary individuals who left an indelible mark on the pages of history.

5. Private Thomas Baker, WWII

During World War II, American Private Thomas Baker faced a life-threatening injury inflicted by the Japanese but remained unyielding in his resolve. In a remarkable act of bravery, he instructed his squad to leave him propped against a tree armed with only a pistol and eight bullets.

When later discovered, Baker lay lifeless with an empty pistol, and the bodies of eight Japanese soldiers were strewn around him.

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4. Private Edward Ahrens, WWII

In 1944, American Private Edward Ahrens was found clutching a sword and surrounded by the lifeless bodies of 13 Japanese soldiers.

Holding onto his last breath, his parting words echoed with stoic pride, "I guess they didn't know I was a Marine."

3. Lieutenant John Foxx, WWII

American Lieutenant John Foxx met a heroic end by intentionally calling an artillery strike upon his own position.

Recognizing that German forces were encroaching upon him, this selfless act served as a critical delay, allowing other American units to orchestrate a counterattack that eventually secured victory.

2. Captain Benjamin L. Salomon, WWII

While serving as a regimental surgeon in Saipan, Japanese soldiers began rushing the field hospital. The first successfully bayoneted a patient, but was almost immediately shot by Salomon, who then shot another two Japanese soldiers.

Immediately, four more Japanese crawled under the tent, so Salomon kicked, bayoneted, and headbutted them all to death.

He was eventually overrun, but when his body was recovered, he was surrounded by the bodies of 98 Japanese soldiers and riddled with 70 bullet wounds.

His bravery saved the lives of 33 wounded men in his tent and held off a Japanese advance for a considerable amount of time.

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1. Sergeant Alvin York, WWI

Alvin York was part of a group assigned to eliminate a well-protected German machine-gun position during WWII. The mission took a grim turn when they were spotted by the enemy and came under heavy fire. Most of his comrades fled, but York courageously stood his ground against 32 enemy gunners.

In his own words, he recalled that he didn't have time to seek cover or lie low. Instead, he fired at the German gunners with incredible accuracy, downing the first 20 with his rifle.

Facing an assault by five Germans from the side, York pulled out his Colt .45 and smoked ‘em all, likening the situation to hunting wild turkeys. Confused by his exceptional bravery, a German lieutenant named Paul Jurgen Vollmer assumed York was English and asked him to stop shooting. When York revealed he was American, Vollmer surrendered, leading to 133 German soldiers surrendering to York.

The stories of these five American soldiers from WWI and WWII are more than just tales of bravery; they are testament to the unbreakable spirit of the American military.

In the face of overwhelming adversity, they stood resolute, demonstrating unparalleled courage and selflessness. Their actions serve as a source of inspiration for generations to come, reminding us that the human spirit is capable of astonishing feats when put to the ultimate test.

As we reflect on their valor, let us carry their legacy forward and honor the sacrifices made by these remarkable men who embodied the true essence of American heroism.

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  • You forgot the most in the first bad ass, america’s James Bond, and soldier, and Pinkerton agent. Timothy, Webster, Civil War, the first to be hung as a spy for the union Army. He was a union army, espionage agent. He was hung twice.

    Tony miller

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