5 Hacks the Army Uses to Build a Hard Work Ethic

The US Army is renowned for its sense of ethics and the discipline it instills in each of its recruits. Although discipline and focus are both necessary for the difficult objectives that Army personnel must accomplish every day, civilians can take many of their principles and apply them to their lives as well for excellent results.

Want to know how to build up your work ethic to emulate the ethics of the Army? Here’s how:

5. Start the Day Early and Productively

Every army recruit starts their day by rising early, making their bed and launching into their schedule. 

Setting your intentions for a productive day seems like a small touch, to be sure, but it lays out your goals right off the bat and sets you up for action. After your organized and early start, you'll be off out the door on your run, launching into your workout, or heading to work without a hitch. 

By starting the day productively, you’ll be able to cultivate a hard work ethic much easier.

4. Devote Yourself to Your Objectives

Everyone has goals and objectives. But if you want your work ethic to emulate that of the Army, you need to devote yourself to your objectives 100%.

That means:

  • Eliminating bad habits or activities 
  • Focusing on your goals and striving for perfection 
  • Spending your time wisely

When it comes to your work ethic, that last aspect will be the most difficult for most civilians to achieve. But if you can learn to spend your time wisely and devote all of your waking hours to accomplishing your objectives, there's nothing you won't be able to do. Start a business, raise a family, or become a master at a craft – it's all within your reach with the right work ethic and devotion.

3. Act as Though Your Sergeant is Watching

Military personnel have it easy, in some ways, compared to civilians. They have a sergeant or another superior who will take them to task if they don’t get their duties to. 

Civilians don’t have this kind of pressure; if you don’t show up for work, for example, you’ll just get fired. But if you want to cultivate a good work ethic, act as though you have a sergeant watching over you and get to work whenever you feel lazy or like slacking.

2. Live with Honor

The Army isn’t just an effective fighting force; it’s also an organization dedicated to honor. 

Honor is more important than you might think, especially when you are trying to adjust your work ethic. In many ways, an honorable work ethic is the best kind, as it involves:

  • Keeping your promises 
  • Sticking to your goals 
  • Maintaining your focus 
  • And more
By living with honor, your work ethic won’t be compromised by the desire to be lazy, to cheat through work, or anything similarly subpar.

1. Never Give Up

Lastly, cultivate an excellent work ethic and act like an Army soldier by refusing to give up no matter how hard the task in front of you is. The most important part of any work ethic is determination – you can achieve anything you set your mind to if you simply refuse to surrender.

Cultivating an Army-strong work ethic won’t be easy. In fact, it’ll be very hard... But, the dividends you'll enjoy as a result of putting your head down and grinding through challenging work more than makes up for it.

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Justin | Author

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