5 Game-Changing Habits to Adopt from Marines

The US Marine Corps is the toughest organization in the world. Each member is disciplined, ready for action, and a go-getter that won’t let any challenge knock them down.

Want to be as productive and successful as our Marines?

Here's 5 of the most hard-hitting habits you can take from the marines themselves, to implement in your own life starting today:

5. Planning in Reverse

Marines are taught to plan in reverse. In effect, this means you should think about your ultimate goal or objective and reverse engineer a plan that will get you there, step by step.

This can often be effective if your goal seems out of reach or difficult to attain and you don’t know where to start.

By following a logical progression backward, you'll uncover the necessary steps along the way and a clear path that overcomes any potential obstacle.

4. Keep a Clean Living Space

Marines are, as a rule, neat people. That’s because neatness and order is drilled into them during boot camp.

But keeping a clean living space isn’t just good for keeping up appearances when you invite guests over – it also helps immensely with your self-respect.

No one feels motivated or disciplined if they live in a pigsty. Make your bed every morning and keep up with your chores. Your living space will look better and you'll feel better at the same time.

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3. Work On the Small Details

Marines are also taught not to neglect the small details. There’s no such thing as getting a job done in the broad strokes. Every detail matters.

Take this lesson into everything in your life and don’t let small mistakes or minor details go unnoticed or unfinished.

Small mistakes left to fester can grow into larger issues that you might have prevented if you had focused on the small details and strived for perfection.

2. Keep a Clean Appearance

Just as keeping a clean living space will help you stay motivated and feel disciplined, so too will keeping control over your appearance.

Don’t let your hair grow wildly and don’t wear clothes that don’t fit. Invest in yourself, especially in your appearance.

When you look in the mirror and see someone good-looking, you’ll feel more confident and more motivated to go about your day and complete all your goals.

People will also treat you better, giving you more respect and appreciation. 

1. Exercise Each Day

You're busy, I get it. But Marines are busy too, and they never skip working out for a day. They know that being in peak physical condition keeps their bodies ready for anything at a moment's notice, and their brains sharp.

Implement a daily workout habit to get your momentum going, as Marines swear by the endorphin boost, strength building and extra energy they get from regular training sessions.

Start with a brisk jog each day to do wonders for your cardiovascular health and prevent you from becoming overweight over time, and add in a workout regimen like one of our military-inspired programs that effortlessly drills your new exercise habit into your routine.

Marines are fitness fanatics – take the plunge yourself and you’ll likely never want to go back to being a slob! 

Ultimately, the above five habits are the best life hacks you can copy from the Marines, short of joining them yourself...

Give these habits to try and we’re sure you’ll see immediate positive results in your life. 

Stay strong, warrior! 

Justin | Maine, USA

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  • Outstanding points here…doing my best to implement them each day. Jim

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