5 Commitment Mindset Hacks They Only Teach You in Navy SEAL Training

The US Navy SEALs go through what is likely the most rigorous and difficult training regimen in the world.

While this regimen is designed to create perfect warriors, you can also take some of the concepts applied during SEAL training and use them to commit yourself to important goals.

These ingenious mind hacks also provide the edge that'll help get you over the hump, even when the going gets tough... 

5. Commitment is Easier if You Set “Micro-Goals”

Keeping your commitments can be difficult if you only see your overall goal and the long path it will take to get there. SEAL training teaches its trainees to focus on one thing at a time and set so-called "micro-goals".

These can help you to stick with a difficult commitment or plan over time, as well as execute more complex plans and achieve your objectives.

4. Always Visualize Your Success

SEALs are also trained to visualize their successes as they pursue them. This is often helpful since SEALs are required to do complex and difficult things all the time, so some measure of a visual goal is useful for maintaining motivation.

You, too, can commit yourself to difficult goals and achieve them if you truly visualize what your success will look and feel like.

In fact, nothing is better for motivating you to get out of a slump or start the long path to victory than imagining what it’ll feel like when you’ve kept your commitment and won.

3. Become Mentally Tough

To be a SEAL, you have to be mentally as well as physically durable. But the mental durability is a good thing to emulate if you want to take SEAL training ideas and apply them to your own life commitments.

Mental toughness isn’t about never showing emotions or acting like nothing bothers you... 

But it is about persevering through tough times and not letting setbacks drag you down. No matter how skilled you are or how prepared you are, you’ll make mistakes. You’ll also fail. Those aren’t excuses to break your commitments or give up.

Be mentally tough; stick it out and you’ll see success. 

2. Suck It Up, Buttercup

Some good ol’ fashioned grittiness can go a long way in helping you keep your commitments. SEALs are unafraid of telling whiners to “suck it up”.

Tell yourself this when you find yourself complaining about things you can’t change or minor issues that really don’t matter in the long run.

1. Always Persevere

Lastly, we can learn more about perseverance from SEAL training’s bell-ringing activity.

In a nutshell, SEALs are subjected to a grueling physical challenge with the option to ring a bell and tap out immediately, ending their hardship.

Of course, the majority of trainees do end up ringing the bell. Only a select few become Navy SEALs outright. 

The commitment to keep pushing on despite any adversity requires a next-level amount of grit, combined with an ongoing determination to keep bettering yourself to be best prepared for crunch time. 

While the Navy SEALs are the most hardened examples of human excellence in physical strength and mental fortitude, their concepts are all based on succeeding. And this commitment to stick to the promises you've made to yourself can easily be applied to everyday challenges.

No matter how tough things may seem, you can always take a page out of the SEALs' training manual and remember to never give up or “ring the bell”...

Stay strong, warrior! 

Justin | Maine, USA

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