4 Mind Hacks Used by the US Army for Elite Tactical Fitness

Many of us want to reach our fitness goals and become totally ripped just like those hardened bodies in the US Army. But to reach that level of shredded physique and steely self-assuredness, you'll need your mindset to fall into line first to have any hope of achieving warrior-level endurance.

When you’re working toward your most elite heights of fitness, it can be tough to resist the temptation to overindulge, veer from your goals, or just slide into a comfortable civilian existence.

Staying on the ball of your physical goals takes some discipline, and the Army knows all about what’s required to do just that.

Today, we reveal 4 of the most powerful mindset hacks taught in the Army, to help you charge toward elite tactical fitness and stay there:

4. Practice Stoicism

For starters, you can and should practice the philosophic art of Stoicism as much as possible. 

Stoicism permeates much of the military, including the US Army. It’s a personal philosophy that revolves around releasing tension and anxiety about things you can’t control in favor of only focusing on your actions and what you can do to make a difference. 

Stoicism is a powerful tool so that you can stave off the feeling of defeat and stop fixating on negative aspects of your life, which will help to boost your motivation to work out. 

Many U.S. Army soldiers practice Stoicism so they can remain calm in combat and carry out their duties no matter how uncomfortable they might feel. With Stoicism, you’ll be able to power through any discomfort.

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3. Use Pain to Fuel Motion

Many US drill sergeants will also teach their boot camp peons that they need to harness their pain to fuel their motion and activity. This seems counterintuitive at first glance, but it can actually be quite effective. 

By focusing on the burn your muscles feel as you work out, you can then harness that discomfort and use the heightened sensations to push yourself farther than you ever imagined. 

Grit your teeth, duck your head, and blaze through any challenge by accepting the pain through Stoicism and using the energy gain from the pain to reach even greater fitness heights!

2. Remember What’s at Stake

Members of the U.S. Army are trained to power through whatever challenges they face, plus maintain top-tier physical conditioning, because they have a lot at stake. When you’re a part of the U.S. Army, you have to be fit enough so you can defend your brothers and sisters and so you can carry out your combat objectives. 

 Granted, you don’t have nearly as much at stake when you’re working out at your local or home gym. But, you can still use this mind hack to motivate yourself when you feel unmotivated. 

For instance, imagine how much better you’ll look and feel if you continue with your workout and reach your fitness goals. Or you can recognize the dangers of being overweight for too long, knowing that your life is at stake in a very real way as you burn calories and build muscle.

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1. Habits Are More Reliable Than Discipline

Lastly, you should follow boot camp’s example and drill as many positive habits into your lifestyle as possible.

Discipline is important, but habits are more reliable since they don't require a conscious decision on your part. If you form positive fitness-related habits, you can literally rewire your mind and train yourself to work out and be healthy without even thinking about it.

Hack your mind the military way and discover new levels of determination you never thought possible.  The Army depends on it, and you’ll be blown away by the gains you'll benefit from it too… 

Thanks for reading,

Justin | MME Fitness Contributor

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