3 Morning Habits All Warriors Utilize

The morning is a time when everything is fresh and new. Your body has the most energy and your brain is the most active.

When you're productive in the AM, you're setting the pace for the rest of your day. You'll have more vitality throughout your day, if you engage in these three morning habits. 

1. Get Up and Train 

Martial arts professionals across the world are changing their alarm banner to say "Get up and train. Your opponent already started!" Special Forces are doing the same thing, swapping out the word "opponent" with the word "enemy." Talk about some serious motivation!

If the first thing you see when you roll over to turn your alarm off at 5, 6, or 7am is this message, you'll feel that fiery motivation to keep on going. That internal competition that all humans naturally possess will get revved up. I

f you want to wake up with that extra incentive, I highly recommend changing your settings in your phone. An added tip is to put your alarm across the room so you have to walk to turn it off. This will help all the sleepyheads out there! 

2. Make Your Bed 

Admiral William H. McRaven wrote a New York Times Bestseller, called Make Your Bed. This man spent 37 years as a Navy Seal and ended up becoming a commander of the US Special Forces. So, what did he have to say about making your bed?

Why do it at all? I mean, it's just going to get messed up again, right? Apparently, if you make your bed as soon as you wake up, you'll feel a sense of pride. That feeling will motivate you to continue to do more and more tasks throughout the day.

Making your bed will remind you that the small, seemingly mundane tasks actually do matter. If you can't do the little things, you certainly won't be able to tackle the bigger projects. Try making your bed and see if the rest of your day is more productive! 

3. Schedule Your Day 

In order to be successful, you've got to make a plan. Don't just get up and see where the day takes you. It can be a rigid day-by-day schedule or a more loose plan, depending on your personality. List your priorities and about what time you'd like to get them finished.

Many successful people 'eat their frog first.' In other words, get the hardest tasks out of the way early. This way, they're not hanging over your head. No one wants an unpleasant task looming over them all morning.

When you have a basic plan, you can refer back to it when you feel ungrounded. This will bring you right back to where you need to be. Within the first hour of waking up, schedule the rest of your day with your priorities in mind. 


I hope this blog post helps you to have an ultra-successful day! If Special Forces warriors are doing these habits, they're definitely worth trying out. Get up and train, plan your day, and make your bed!

They seem like relatively small and simple tasks. They won't take much time. Yet, they can greatly impact the rest of your day and transform your life for the better. Thanks for reading! Stay safe and healthy. 

Annie Foley
Military Mental Endurance 

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