3 Incredible Ways Bodyweight Training Helps Your Mental Health Too

It’s important to exercise so you can build muscle, look great and enjoy a healthy body all the way through to your golden years. But exercise – and specifically bodyweight training, where you build muscle and eat lots of protein – can immeasurably improve your mental health as well.

Indeed, bodyweight training provides several key mental health benefits that we could all stand to reap the benefits of, especially in the wake of a difficult couple of years the world has gone through recently. 

Let’s break down 3 reasons why you should consider starting bodyweight training ASAP for your best mental fortitude:

3. Exercise: The Great De-Stresser

For starters, bodyweight training (and any real exercise for that matter) helps your body burn away cortisol: a major stress-producing hormone. Normally, stress is important so you can protect yourself during a self-defense situation or so you can crunch through a stressful time at work.

However, many of us build up too much cortisol in our bodies over time, especially since we have sedentary jobs.  

By exercising, you get rid of this stress hormone and your body tissues suffer from less inflammation. Bodyweight training makes you burn tons of calories and helps you build muscle. Combined, these effects lower the concentration of cortisol throughout your body and will result in you feeling more relaxed. 

This is an excellent benefit both if you are in school and don’t want to stress before a test and if you are already in the workforce and want to relax more when you come into the office on Monday.

2. Better Body, Better Self-Confidence

Additionally, bodyweight training is all about sculpting your muscles and body so that they look and act healthier. With bodyweight training, you’ll look fantastic; your muscles will be visible, you’ll be able to do physical labor or exercises more easily, and you’ll probably receive more attention from potential romantic interests!

However, many of us build up too much cortisol in our bodies over time, especially since we have sedentary jobs.  

1. Feel Healthy in Body & You’ll Feel Health in Mind

Lastly, undergoing regular bodyweight training will make you healthier, guaranteed. If you need to lose a little more weight or improve your posture and flexibility, bodyweight training can help you accomplish both of those objectives.

As your body feels better, you’ll become more comfortable as you walk to work, as you sit at your desk, as you play with your kids, or do anything else. It’s easy for your mental health to decline when your body is aching all the time and when you’re overweight. But during and after bodyweight training, your body will feel healthier and you’ll feel more comfortable in your own skin.

All in all, it’s easy to see how bodyweight training can bolster your mental health as well, at the same time as boosting your physique and physical wellness. With all these benefits, what’s stopping you from giving bodyweight training a try? Our advice is to start bodyweight training ASAP and stick with it.

Odds are, after the first few tough weeks, you’ll be so addicted to feeling good you won’t want to stop!

Thanks for reading,  

Justin | MME Wellness Contributor

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