Why Protein Powder, Multivitamins & Immune Supplements Are Crucial to Optimal Workout Results

If you want the best payoff from your workouts, you need to prepare your body and give it the boost it needs to see serious results. 

This is especially true when you're looking to get ripped. That sort of push demands that you dig deep into a reservoir of energy and vitality - one that goes beyond what our bodies offer naturally. In order to smash through your plateaus and step up your shred sessions, workout supplements are real game-changers.

Amp up your workout capability with supplements like protein powder, multivitamins & immune support systems. These 3 secret weapons are critical to getting the optimal results from your workout.

Here, we give you the lowdown on how they give you an edge, and why you need them to achieve your ultimate gains: 

What Do Supplements Do?

It's no secret that when you're working out hard, your body has some elevated nutritional requirements. 

Specially crafted workout supplements such as protein shakes, key vitamin combos and immune boosters help you hit your max reps, as they step up to fill in the energy gaps.

These essential vitamins and nutrients give your body the healthy boost it needs for maximum performance, which means you'll be able to:

  • Push further & harder 
  • Elevate your endurance
  • Increase your tolerance
  • Achieve unparalleled strength
  • Stack on muscle gains faster

Enhancing your workout with supplements lets you perform at your peak, ultimately showing you results faster. Here's our pick of the top 3 recommended dietary boosters to add onto your routine:

3. Protein Powder

Protein powder is a seriously multi-tasking supplement. Many people use it as a meal replacement solution, but predominantly its purpose is to provide your body with additional resources for muscle building.

Protein forms the building blocks that allow your body to create and repair muscle, so making sure you're getting enough of it when you're working out is absolutely critical to improving your strength and endurance.

Protein shakes are a filling and healthy option if you're looking to replace a meal. They also return valuable protein nutrition that your body desperately needs, particularly when you're pushing your workout limits.

We swear by this functional protein powder from The Anatomy Company. It packs a comprehensive blend of added nutrients, is entirely plant-based, and scores high on flavor and consistency:

Recommended Protein Powder: 

ISO-Protein DF


2. Multivitamins

Popping a daily multivitamin while you're working out helps you perform at your peak, and you'll be needing lots of nutrition when you're pushing your body to its limits. Multivitamin supplements restore the essential vitamins and nutrients you expend, as well as letting your body prepare for the shred sessions ahead.

When your workouts are intense, it's critical to get enough key vitamins to support your metabolism, digestive function, muscle growth and healing capability so you can go the distance.

Achieving the nutrient-dense diet you need to keep up with your extra requirements can be a challenge too when you're watching your calorie intake, so vitamin supplements step in the make sure you're getting all the goods you need to go hard. 

We reach for this hard-working once-a-day vitamin blend from The Anatomy Company. It's a groundbreaking vitamin, mineral and phytonutrient combo specifically formulated for athletes: 

Recommended Multivitamin:

Multiprime Plus


1. Immune Support Supplements

Immune support supplements are yet another piece of the puzzle that are optimal to serious workout results. Again, your body needs the additional support because you are pushing it.

Building shredded muscle means ripping it in the first place, so you'll want to support a healthy inflammatory process so your body can speed up its recovery and get back to your workouts with less pain and inflammation.

Provide your body with necessary immune boosters to fill the gap, so you're fighting fit to tackle whatever challenge your training session throws at you.

We can't go past this fizzing, orange-flavored immune boosting drink. It's packed with Vitamin C for recovery, Bioflavonoids to reduce inflammation, and Antioxidants for protection from cellular damage: 

Recommended Immune Support:

Immunoid Plus Powder


When you’re pushing your limits, these supplements not only boost your endurance and strengthen your abilities, but they also protect your body by providing the nutrients it desperately needs to cope with your workouts.

Our bodies are powerhouse machines, but they still need the right fuel to fire on all cylinders! Lack in any of these critical nutritional areas, and you'll find yourself struggling as your body communicates that it's missing vital elements. 

These supplements are designed to work together with your active routine and healthy diet to get results, so be sure to use them as a supplement to supercharge your workout plan!  

Give your body what it needs and in return you'll find yourself with incredible energy, strength and measurable gains. 

Greg | Nevada, USA

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