Performance Push & Pull Maximizer

Performance Push & Pull Maximizer

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Are you ready to maximize push-up & pull up-performance and take your strength to the next level?

In this 6-week Program you’ll increase up to 30% your max reps of Pull Ups/Chin Ups and Push Ups.

You will crush your old PB in just 6 weeks of intense bodyweight workouts, specifically done in order to help you increase the max reps set.

You will have the first 3 weeks in which you’ll focus on the volume, to build a strong foundation and a perfect movement pattern, and then you’ll end up with 3 weeks of quality training, focused on increasing your stamina under extreme conditions.

  • Pull Up Bar 

This program was developed by our team member Ryan, who spent more than 7 years in an elite special forces unit. Following his military service, he has acquired several personal training certifications and now spends his time coaching remotely and creating strength and conditioning programs.